Republicans Must Denounce Trump’s ‘BS’

CNN’s Don Lemon went on a tear in the early hrs of Saturday early morning on the Trump allies backing up the president as he would make baseless statements about the election.

Lemon, Chris Cuomo, and the panel recommended Chris Wallace and Eric Shawn for pushing back again on the statements from the Trump crew about the election, while calling out hosts like Tucker Carlson and Republicans like Newt Gingrich who have appeared on the network for siding with the president’s statements.

Margaret Hoover claimed men and women like Shawn are just giving the information and debunking what the Trump crew is saying on troubles like poll watchers, but she was disturbed by others “continuing to foster this disinformation” and asked, “What is the difference between that language and Russia Right now? There is no variance. They are accomplishing the Russians’ job for them by spreading this disinformation.”

As the panel ongoing piling on, Cuomo declared, “Make no excuses for persons who built a definite selection to change on journalism, turn on journalists, demonize other human beings with family members, and do it to cotton favor with this president… This is a time where folks will be remembered and the media need to muscle mass up and remind most people of what occurred. And no forgiveness. It’s not our company to forgive. There is no rationale to frost over just about anything that occurred.”

John Avlon claimed they deserve to be known as out and explained there are a “handful of Republicans” speaking up in opposition to Trump.

“Not ample, John,” Lemon interjected. “Not almost plenty of.”

“It’s generally wrapped in the ‘every vote ought to be counted.’ That is not where you get started. You commence with ‘The president is putting out BS. He’s lying to you. Every person is aware of every vote should really be counted,” he ongoing.

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